There are five notable towns around Lake Titicaca:

  • Puno, Peru – The largest city on Lake Titicaca, and the main transportation hub. It’s a regional trading hub, and it is considered to be the capital of Peru’s folklore, expect traditional festivals with dance and music here.
    Population: 140,839
    Elevation: 3,830 m (12,556 ft)
  • Copacabana, Bolivia – Built between two hills and having a scenic view on the lake, it’s the definite stop over in Bolivia.
    Population: 6,000
    Elevation: 3,841 m (12,602 ft)
  • Desaguadero  – Small border town between Bolivia and Peru
    Population: 2,219
    Elevation: 3,827 m (12,556 ft)
  • Challapampa, Bolivia – It’s a tiny town located on Isla del Sol.
    Population: 435
    Elevation 3,815 m (12,516 ft)
  • Yumani, Bolivia – The main village on Isla del Sol