Challapampa – Isla Del Sol – Bolivia

Get in

You can get to the island by boat. There are daily two boats coming from Copacabana with a stop in Yumani. If you are fit, you can also walk from Yumani via through the Chincana ruins over land of the Island of the Sun.

Things to do in Challapampa

  • The main attraction of Isla Del Sol is Roca Sagrada. This is where the Incas performed sacrifices. It offers breathtaking views and believed to have magical energies. All it takes is a nice 2 hours hike.
    Roca Sagrada
    Roca Sagrada
  • Walk to the Chincana Labyrinth, a sacred Inca place just after Roca Sagrada
  • Visit Museo del Oro, the museum of gold. Most notable since recently they have a collection of artefacts from the underwater city of Marka Pampathe. Skeptics were proven wrong when they found the 6000 years old massive stone temple 8 meters under water. The ticket is valid for seeing the archaeological site as well, so you should definitely go for it. 
    Challapampa Archaeological Site
    Challapampa Archaeological Site
  • The location of the ruins is the best spot for enjoying the glorious sunsets and sunrises.
  • Jump to the lake from one of the beaches nearby the village. Refreshing experience!
  • Dwell with the local people and get to know their culture.
  • Just enjoy the majestic views with the snow-capped mountains the background.
    Isla Del Sol Panorama
    Isla Del Sol Panorama
    Photo by Pedro Szekely


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