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Lake Titicaca is located on the south eastern part of Peru and on the western part of Bolivia, not far from its capital La Paz. It is the highest navigable lake in the world. In the nights it is very cold, while during the days, sometimes the weather is hot. We recommend visiting it anytime, except between June and August, when it is the coldest.

By Bus

Getting there is not easy, but there are many possible ways for a visitor to reach the lake. There are regular buses from Cusco, Lima or Arequipa in Peruand from Copacabana and La Paz in Bolivia. The buses are quite cheap, but the trip is quite long and exhausting because of the height.
You will make about 7 hours by bus from Cusco, and 9 hours from Arequipa.

By Plane

Juliaca, a town located at 44 km distance from Puno, has a pretty well served airport.  There are daily direct flights to Arequipa, Cusco and Lima.  From Juliaca airport, you can either take taxis or buses to Puno. A taxi will usually cost $20, while buses cost $5 per person.

By Car

There are three main highways that lead to Puno.
From Cusco: First you should go to Juliaca, there are 345 km. (214,4 miles), and from Juliaca to Puno there are44 km away (27,3 miles). You should be very careful when driving as the highest point in this highway reaches up to 4,313, and it may be dangerous for drivers not experienced with this altitude. From Arequipa you will have to go first to Juliaca (281 km or 174 miles), then from Juliaca to Puno. Beware that you will have to drive on very high altitudes.
You can arrive to Puno from La Paz via Guaqui, Desagüadero, Pomata, Juli, and Chucuito.

By Train

You can arrive to Puno by train, but it is not recommended, as the trains are slow. You can arrive to Puno from Arequipa (258 km) in 10 to 12 hours, or from Cusco (384 km) in about 10 hours.

By Boat

You can also enjoy getting to Puno by lake. There are a few boats and yachts that would take you to the Bolivian side, as well as to the wonderful islands like Uros, Taquile and Amantani.